School Values

Anderton Primary School actively promotes the social, moral, spiritual and cultural development of all our children. 12 school values are celebrated in turn every half term. These school values are promoted and embedded in the curriculum alongside British Values and further promoted in daily Acts of Worship. Each week, children who have demonstrated the current half term’s value particularly well are recognised with the “Values Inspired Person” award (VIP Award) in Friday’s celebration assembly. Parents whose children have been given awards are notified a week in advance, enabling them to attend the assembly and share in their child’s success.


Autumn 1-Co-operation

Autumn 2-Honesty

Spring 1-Perseverance

Spring 2-Self-confidence

Summer 1-Respect

Summer 2- Sharing


Autumn 1-Safety

Autumn 2-Courage

Spring 1-Trust

Spring 2-Love

Summer 1-Tolerance

Summer 2-Empathy