Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)

            Special Educational Needs at Anderton Primary School

                                       A good start for a better future

At Anderton, we are committed to providing the best opportunities for all of our children so that they thrive. We know that all our pupils have special talents but also recognise that, at some point, many children may find some aspects of school life more challenging whether this takes the form of an academic, social, emotional or physical aspect. All staff share a commitment to supporting any child with an additional or special need; this can be long term when necessary. A good start for a better future fosters positive learning attitudes thus building happy, motivated and successful learners. At Anderton, the support we deliver puts the child at the heart of the process. Some of the strategies that we include are:

  • Inclusive ‘first teaching’ in the classroom. Class teachers carefully plan learning opportunities for every child: this takes into account an assessment of the child’s needs and is delivered through engaging teaching.
  • Successful relationships with parents built through regular meetings.
  • Curricular targets for every child in reading, writing and maths. Marking provides children with ways to move forward in their learning.
  • Intervention programmes to help consolidate concepts from class teaching.
  • 1:1 programmes or small group interventions to build upon self-esteem.
  • Close liason with outside agencies including educational psychologists, speech therapists, support from Golden Hill Pupil Referral Unit and CAMHS. This provides the class teacher and teaching assistants with targets and strategies to support the individual child.
  • Opportunities for children to reflect upon their successes.
  • An Anti-Bullying policy that is regularly reviewed.

Below are links to documents that reflect our provision and our assessment of Special Educational Needs. For further information, please contact Mrs. Louise Minton (SENCo.)

Inclusion Policy 2017-18

SEND Policy 2017-18

Information Report 2017-18


Personal Care

Local Offer 2017-18

Anti Bullying

Please click on the link below to read the Lancashire Local Offer:

Lancashire Local Offer