School Governors

Chair – Mrs Elaine Bilsborough

Vice Chair – Mr Mark Frost

Head Teacher – Mrs Louise Minton

Governing Body Structure

Head Teacher (ex. Officio), 1 Staff governor; 1 Local authority governor; 3 Parent governors; 6 Co-opted governors

Finance Committee:

Mr M Frost (Chair); Mr Z Azam; Mrs E Bilsborough; Mrs K Devlin; Mrs J Heeks;  Mrs L Minton

Curriculum Committee:

Dr S Spence(Chair); Mrs E Bilsborough ;  Mrs L Minton

Facilities Committee:

Mrs E Bilsborough (Chair); Mrs K Devlin; Mrs L Minton; Mrs T Walsh;

Standards and Effectiveness

All governors are invited we require 50% planning to attend to hold meeting.

Governor details:

Name; date of apt; term of office; date stepped down; who appointed; role in any other educational establishment; material interests

Mr Zainul Azam; 05/04/16; 4 years; n/a; parents; n/a; n/a

Mrs Elaine Bilsborough; 01/01/15; 4 years; n/a; co-opted; n/a; n/a

Mr Richard Cornes; 13/05/17; 4 years; n/a; parents; n/a; n/a

Mrs Kathleen Devlin; 01/01/15; 4 years; n/a; co-opted; n/a; n/a

Mr Mark Frost; 18/03/15; 4 years; n/a; co-opted; committee at Moorside Pre-school; n/a

Mrs Jane Harrison; 01/01/15; 4 years; 26/09/2017 ; co-opted; n/a; n/a

Mrs Jill Heeks; 01/01/15; 4 years; n/a; co-opted; n/a; owner of post office

Mrs Katie Laithwaite 22/11/2017; 4 years; n/a/ Staff; n/a; n/a

Dr Samantha Spence; 18/04/17; 4 years; 10/01/2018; parents; n/a; n/a

Mrs Tracey Walsh; 24/03/15; 4 years; n/a; co-opted; n/a; n/a




Please use the link below to find out more about our governors; their backgrounds and their interests:

Website Roles Governors 2017-18

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Gov details for publication

Please click on the link below to read the Governing Body Register of Business Interests:

Register of Interest 2016

Please click on the link  below to read the  Statement of Behaviour Principles agreed by the Governing Body:

Statement Behaviour Principles

Please lick on the link below to view attendance at Governing Body meetings.

Governors Attendance  2015/16

Governing Body Meetings Attendance  2016/2017

Governing Body Meetings Attendance 17-18


Nominated Governors

Mr Z Azam  Year 5 governor

Mrs E Bilsborough  Child protection/ Safeguarding/PREVENT/ On-line safeguarding, EVC and Health and Safety governor.

Mrs K Devlin Computing and Training Link governor.

Mr M Frost  Pupil Premium / Sports premium and Year 6 governor.

Mr R Cornes  Year 4 governor

Mrs J Heeks  Maths and Year 2 governor.

Vacancy   Year 1 governor

Mrs T Walsh  SEND and Reception governor.

Dr Sam Spence  English and Year 3 governor.
Non confidential minutes are available on request.