For details of what is studied in this subject please see the National Curriculum jigsaw on the school year pages.


Subject Leader Miss Connolly

The aims of English are to enable all pupils to fully develop their ability to use and understand English and equip them with the necessary language skills to cope, with confidence and understanding, in all aspects of life. The four basic skills are speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Spoken Language – Activities are carefully planned to stimulate talk, giving children the opportunity to express opinions, ask questions and make suggestions.

Reading – Learning situations are provided where reading for meaning has priority and children are taught to appreciate that reading is an aid to communication. A range of methods, including phonics, are used to build around our structured reading programme. Children are encouraged to read regularly both at school and at home.

Writing – Grammar, punctuation, spelling and handwriting are taught to enable pupils to express themselves accurately, creatively and factually in a variety of situations. A range of technology is used to support the children’s learning.

Spelling – We teach a variety of spelling methods including:phonics;look, say, cover, write, check; looking for words within words; breaking words into syllables, and investigation of prefixes, suffixes and root words. Our phonic programme for Reception and Key Stage 1 is based on the ‘Letters and Sound’ document. We use a range of resources in our spelling activities.

In English we enjoy reading class novels- we do lots of interesting and exciting work linked to the stories.Chris Martin, a published playwright, came to Anderton Primary to work with a group of Year 6 children. Together, they worked on a performance of one of his scripts. The play was a ‘Mystery Short’. Having rehearsed the play, the children and Chris performed it to Year 6 and Year 3. At the end of act one the children had to guess who they thought had committed the crime based on the evidence presented. The identity of the culprits was revealed in act two. It was a fantastic afternoon which all the children and staff thoroughly enjoyed.