Breakfast Club

Breakfast club opens at 7:30 and the children are offered a choice of cereals and also a small snack for example a piece of toast.

Morning club runs from 8:00-8:50 where children are offered a snack before school such as a piece of toast. The snack choices are always healthy and are displayed on the notice board in the club. When you collect your child you can see what snacks have been offered.

Breakfast/After School Club ANDERTON COOL KIDS

The clubs are open every weekday during term time all children wishing to use the clubs must be registered for insurance purposes. The breakfast club runs from 7:30 – 8.50 a.m. and the registration fee is £5.00. The current charge for the breakfast club is £3.00.with an extra charge of £4 if you book the earlier session 7:30-8am After School Club runs from 3.30 until 6:00 p.m. and a registration fee of £5.00 is payable. Charges are £4.50 for the first hour and £6.50 for two hours and £7.50 for, the full session. Please ask in school for further details of how to register for breakfast/after school care.

The club is run by a management committee and is a self-financing, non-profit making organisation.

Good for Parents

Parents know that their children are involved in suitable, stimulating activities, in a supervised environment.

Good for Children

Children will have exclusive use of materials and resources and will enjoy themselves in a wide variety of activities with their friends. Activities have included baking, arts and crafts, seasonal activities, outdoor games and visitors. There is a quiet area for relaxing, homework and T.V. whatever they choose we are sure they will have a good time.