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Year 2 Maths

In Maths we are using cubes to help us multiply numbers.  It is really important that we use resources to help us learn and understand our Maths. With the cubes we made arrays to help us times...
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Year 2 English

On Tuesday the Year 2 class found footprints on the floor which lead to a letter. A friendly troll had been into class overnight. She was really upset because she had lost her baby troll. We read the...
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Naughty Elf!

The naughty Elf made an appearance in Year 2 on Tuesday.  The children were so excited!  She had even left us a letter which rhymed.  On Wednesday she opened a bag of haribo and said she deserved...
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We are loving our Design technology lessons.

Over this half term we have been studying the artist and sculptor Keith Haring. This week we have made clay models based on his work involving the’change for life’ characters. We loved...
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