School Meals

The meals at Anderton Primary School are cooked fresh every day on the premises. We decided in July 2007 to opt out of the Lancashire County Council service and we now cook our own meals. Our expert cook Mrs Laura Horne knows exactly what the children like to eat.

The meal choices are changed every term to allow for a variety. There is always a hot main meal and a dessert , a jacket potato with choice of filling or a packed lunch option. We always offer in addition a fruit and salad platter. Not only are the children getting a scrumptious meal that is good value for money for the parents, but we are also supporting local businesses in the community. We buy our fruit, meat and vegetables from local shops! Please note that dessert choices such as ice-cream are subject to the weather – we do not offer the children ice-cream if the weather is too cold!

The cost of a meal is £2.00 per day, which is £10.00 per week. Money is collected IN ADVANCE on Friday mornings. It is a great help if the correct amount is sent in a named sealed envelope for each child. If a child is sent home ill before 10.30 a.m. a credit for the meal will be given. After 10.30 a.m. the meal must be paid for.

Children may opt to bring a packed lunch, which is eaten, under supervision. All drinks and liquids must be brought in a safe container. (No fizzy drinks) Children can change from packed lunches to hot dinners at any time. Children changing from hot dinner to packed lunches need to give two weeks’ notice to the office.

You can now pay for school dinners on-line please follow the link below :

Everybody wins!

Please take a look at our latest menus by following the link below.  To avoid wastage some changes may be made if dishes are not popular with the children.

Anderton Primary winter 17-18 menus

 The menu for the day is displayed in the school yard every morning.

We also have themed days where the children who are usually on a packed lunch can have a hot meal just for one day. These successful meals have included Hallowe’en dinner, Bonfire dinner, Christmas dinner and a Mexican dinner.

We also invite parents to taster days where they can try the food and enjoy a whole school dinner if they wish.
Why not let your child try our wonderful school dinners? You won’t be disappointed!